Confidently generate ideas and launch your next product into the marketplace 360 IDEAvate is an innovation research platform that is custom built to identify your next generation of new products.

What is 360 IDEAvate?

360 IDEAvate is a research-proven process which eliminates the uncertainty of new product development and ensures a “future-proof” product launch.

Custom built by researchers and innovation experts and designed for rapid execution, IDEAvate leverages the power of both consumer insights and targeted social influencer feedback to provide an objective foundation to meet current market demands and future trends.

How can we help you?

  • Take your product ideas and provide you with a proven process which can guarantee product success
  • Uncover “breakthrough” ideas that will be successful in the future
  • Find the innovation and fill the pipeline within a limited budget and in a timely fashion
  • Stay ahead of the curve to avoid the risk of losing market share
  • Adapt quickly to the fast-paced marketplace, grounded in the knowledge your product will hit the ground running

Your product idea. Our proven innovation process. Your successful launch.

The 360 IDEAvate Advantage

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    Access to both consumers and social influencers.

    In addition to trend analysis, 360 IDEAvate leverages the power of both consumer insights and targeted social influencer feedback to provide an objective foundation for new product ideas and development. This unique combination allows us to accurately predict which ideas will be successful in the marketplace, eliminate uncertainty from new product development and ensure a successful “future proof” new product launch for our clients.

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    Custom built by researchers and innovation experts.

    This custom-built platform was designed by researchers and innovation experts specifically to create client confidence and maximize success with products designed to meet both current market and future trends.

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    Designed for rapid execution through seamless integration.

    A dedicated team is assigned to take each client through the process, from beginning to end, thereby providing a seamless integration of all three roadmap phases. Designed for rapid cost-effective execution, this integrated process is designed to be completed under the industry standard of 12 weeks.

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    A research-driven roadmap.

    With the unique combination of trend analysis, consumer insights and social media influencer feedback, 360 IDEAvate provides a research-driven roadmap to guide a more successful new product launch, designed to meet both current market demands and future trends and eliminating guesswork.

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    Grounded in data.

    Every step of this process is grounded in data and extensive research which we synthesize into a proven framework to confidently promote a successful product design and launch.

The IDEAvate™ Three-Phase Innovation Process

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Discovery & Ideation


  • Examine current market and category landscape
  • Explore forces shaping consumer behavior
  • Gather consumer input on needs, attitudes, and pain points
  • Analyze sentiments from IDEAvate’s curated social media influencer network


Trend report that provides the foundation for intensive ideation sessions, during which new ideas are generated to target the trends we identify


Idea Screening


  • Introduce consumers and influencers to new product ideas from ideation sessions and trend reports
  • Collect feedback, model and predict ideas and attributes that will be successful in market


The most promising ideas are further developed into Mini-Concepts based on trends identified, ideation sessions and quantitative feedback


Mini-Concept Screening & Concept Development


  • Test Mini-Concepts on consumers through IDEAvate’s simulated social media engagement platform, to obtain real world reactions (likes, shares, purchases)
  • Apply diagnostics and development to the test results


Fully formed and highly targeted concepts are ready for pricing, volumetric forecasting, product development, and launch

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