Feeding Growth, Naturally and Organically

Natural and organic products are hardly new in the marketplace—they’ve been around for decades. But they have really exploded in popularity in recent years. And as consumers have grown more health-conscious, they have started seeking natural options across a wide array of product categories that extend far beyond traditional healthy foods and beverages.

Kroger Supermarkets recognized that trend, and they saw an opportunity. In 2012, they launched a private label line of natural, organic products called Simple Truth, positioned to offer consumers an affordable and trusted healthy alternative to the boutique brands that dominated the market.

To help ensure a successful rollout, Kroger engaged 360 Market Reach to help develop and position their product line. Drawing on our extensive experience with private label brands as well as our online research community, 360 Natural Market, we designed and conducted a multifaceted research solution, using surveys, IHUTs, and qualitative exploration to gather consumer input on product attributes such as benefits, performance, price, package design and more.

Our proprietary online community of health and wellness focused consumers allows us to provide the type of responsive, timely analysis that helped Kroger tailor Simple Truth products to address the needs and preferences of the target market. Over the years, this approach has been used many times as Kroger expands the Simple Truth brand across categories, and their relationship with 360 Market Reach continues to this day.

As a result of the consumer input provided by our research, the Kroger innovation team has led the Simple Truth brand to thriving growth within the Health & Wellness category. An increasing variety of healthy products in the marketplace is a win-win for Kroger, and for consumers.

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