Getting a Clearer Look at the Lens Wipe Market

It’s always important to see things clearly—especially in the competitive eyeglass care market. Eyeglass wearers value clear vision, and they count on their lens wipes to deliver it. So, when a major lens wipe manufacturer began planning a package redesign that coincided with the introduction of new product claims and an innovative new feature, they needed to start with a clear, 360-degree vision of consumer preferences and the competitive landscape. So of course, they called on 360 Market Reach.

We conducted a multi-phased research program to evaluate the retail landscape, analyze the competition, and determine the appeal of a number of new product claims, particularly a new formulation designed not just to clean eyeglass lenses, but also to prevent smudges, helping them stay cleaner longer.

Our solution encompassed a Max/Diff claims test, a quantitative survey, and an IHUT study. We surveyed both current and potential lens wipe users, looking at which competitive brands they preferred, where they typically shopped for lens wipes, and what product claims and features they found most and least appealing. Then we provided samples of both our client’s new lens wipes as well as those from a leading competitor, allowing for a blind, head-to-head comparison of both products.

By looking at the situation from all angles, we were able to identify those areas where our client already held the edge over the competition, as well as a number of clear opportunities for further innovation that could help attract new users. We provided our client with a clear picture of the current situation and helped them see the best path forward as they refined their product and packaging designs.

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