A look at how consumers are preparing for a healthier life in the new year

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Living a healthier life is a top priority for nearly everyone, but in 2021, it’s likely to be more important than ever, as a growing proportion of U.S. consumers shift to a preventative approach in an effort to maintain their physical, emotional, mental, and social health.

But health and wellness mean different things to different people, and the tools consumers use to maintain their quality of life can vary widely. We looked at what health and wellness mean to consumers right now to learn what concerns matter most to them—and how they’re planning to address them.

Leading Consumer Health & Wellness Concerns for 2021

Regardless of whether their focus is physical, mental, or spiritual health, we found that 71% of consumers said their intention is to improve their quality of life in 2021. Consumers are embracing health and wellness as a holistic mindset, and that will play into all aspects of their lives, including diet, exercise, technology, relationships, and more.

We found that consumers are gravitating toward a diverse assortment of products, activities, and resources to support their wellness—a sort of “toolkit” comprised of their go-to choices to help them live their best lives.


Top 5 Items in the 2021 Consumer Wellness Toolkit


Our research showed that consumers are relying on many traditional wellness tools and a few new ones that are growing in popularity. It’s a surprisingly eclectic list that captures an insightful snapshot of the current health and wellness consumer mindset.

To help businesses prepare for the opportunities the new year will present, we’ve assembled a helpful Guide to the 2021 Consumer Wellness Toolkit outlining what health-conscious consumers are most interested in—and why.

Is your product or service in your consumer’s “toolkit?” Find out by downloading your free copy of the Guide and get a closer look at what health and wellness consumers are thinking right now.


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