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Eating Better To Stay Healthy: Consumers Talk About Immunity-Boosting Foods

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Among other emerging consumer trends in health and wellness like the rising popularity of meatless alternatives, interest in foods with immunity benefits has grown significantly this year.

Building on the insights we uncovered in our recent research into healthy eating trends, we interviewed members of the 360 Health & Wellness Community to take a deeper dive into their motivations for choosing immunity-boosting foods.

In our exclusive new videoA New Focus On Balanced Healthy Living,” we’re spotlighting what real consumers are saying about how health and wellness trends are shaping their dietary choices. We’ve uncovered which immunity-boosting foods and supplements health and wellness consumers are buying now—and why—and now you can hear their stories, in their own words. Here is a preview:

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To learn more about this intriguing research and put the power of our exclusive insights to work for your business, contact our Health & Wellness Research Expert today.





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