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Explore the new innovative luxury marketing strategy: Virtual personal shopping.

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Online shopping surged in popularity during the pandemic as consumers sought a safer way to shop. However, beyond social distancing, virtual shopping offers a number of attractive benefits, particularly for the luxury market.

Some projections indicate that 40% of all luxury sales will be digital during 2021, and our research found that 67% of luxury shoppers are extremely or very comfortable with virtual shopping experiences, particularly among those under 40. And three out of four luxury consumers say virtual shopping is something that luxury brands need to offer.


Luxury consumers are growing more comfortable with virtual shopping experiences such as VR or augmented reality, video conferencing and 3D tours. Our survey respondents told us:

“Now that I work from home, it has become the normal way of meeting.”

“I’ve spent the majority of my time in virtual meetings and shopping in virtual scenarios.”

“After this last year of COVID…I have gotten accustomed to virtual experiences.”

This new familiarity with virtual experiences and the technology involved has primed luxury consumers to be receptive to virtual shopping experiences. Luxury consumers say they’re attracted to the novelty of virtual shopping, the convenience of shopping multiple brands online, and the ability to share their experiences on social media.



In light of these evolving luxury consumer attitudes, we wanted to take a closer look at the virtual shopping trend. What brands have been most successful in the virtual space? And what type of virtual shopping experience appeals most to the luxury market?

To learn more, we exposed luxury consumers to a prospective virtual shopping concept built around a one-hour session with a personal shopper representing their favorite luxury brand. We studied participants’ responses to the concept, including what elements they liked and why, and how the experience could be optimized to enhance its appeal even more.

To take an in-depth look at our findings, schedule a consultation with our luxury market expert. We’ll share complete results from our study, and highlight new opportunities for your brand in this exciting new marketing channel.

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